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Technical White Papers

Emerson Process Management has developed a series of technical white papers that describe the methods on how to optimize your plant using advanced measurement techniques. Interested in reprinting one of these papers?


Improving Measurement White Papers


Improving Differential Pressure Diaphragm Seal System Performance and Installed Cost (MS Word, 250 KB)

Improving Iron & Steel Mill Safety, Availability and Efficiency through Better Measurement (MS Word, 296 KB)

Measurement Best Practices for Better Powerplant/Powerhouse Safety, Availability & Efficiency (MS Word, 298 KB)

Measurement Best Practices for Improving Chemical Plant Safety, Availability & Efficiency (DP Flow Gas & Steam Examples) (MS Word, 479 KB)

Measurement Best Practices for Improved Refinery Safety, Availability & Efficiency (MS Word, 190 KB)


Application Specific White Papers


Improve Reliability of Desalter Interface Measurmement while Reducing Maintenance with the use of Guided Wave Radar (PDF, 240 KB)

Selecting Transmitters for Safety Instrumented Systems (MS Word, 140 KB)

Selecting Pressure Transmitters to Improve Centrifugal Compressor Safety & Efficiency (MS Word, 216 KB)

Calculating and Optimizing Accuracy & Repeatability of Natural Gas Custody Transfer Flow Measurements under Installed Conditions (MS Word, 295 KB)


Advanced Technology White Papers 


Improving Plant Safety & Availability through Advanced Measurement Diagnostics (MS Word, 1055 KB)

Utilizing Advanced Measurement Diagnostics to Improve Powerplant/Powerplant Availability (MS Word, 1599 MB)




You may use any of these technical papers (free of charge) in printed or electronic format, provided that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • You agree to reproduce each paper in its entirety.
  • You agree to credit the author name(s) and the author's company.
  • You agree to cite the original publication as listed on the top of each page.
      (e.g., "Originally presented to ISA/2001 -- Houston")

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